The Exciting World Of Parasailing

The Exciting World Of Parasailing

One of the most exciting yet totally relaxing activities in the world of recreation is parasailing, sometimes called para-kiting and parascending. Once you’ve experienced the euphoria of gliding among the clouds, other ways to have fun will pale by comparison. It is well worth the $80 per person. In case of heavy rain or thunderstorms, your money is usually refunded or your flight rescheduled at a time convenient for you.

Experience is not needed to go parasailing, anyone over six years old qualifies to go up, as long as they have someone to fly with to bring the weight up to the 130-pound minimum. Minors do have to have a parent or guardian present to check them in and sign a liability waiver. The next step is getting fitted with a harness and a life vest before taking your seat on the flight deck of the boat. Next, your harness will be clipped to the parachute by the mate. Then you slowly and gently ascend into the air and are pulled along by the boat. After five to seven minutes of glorious flight with an unbelievable view, you’re brought back to the boat and carefully lowered to the deck. You have the option of getting wet or staying dry, just let the captain know your preference.

What clothes to wear while parasailing is something a lot of folks wonder about. As the ocean air can be rather brisk, layering is a good idea. You’ll need a swim suit if you plan on getting wet, with shorts and a t shirt over it. A pair of pants and a sweatshirt are a good idea during cool weather, giving the option of adding or subtracting as conditions change. Flip flops or sandals are perfect footwear for a day of parasailing.

If space permits, family and friends wanting to just observe are welcome to join the journey for an additional price, typically around $40. An added feature that is often offered is a video of your flight, sometimes even accompanied by music. Usually only adding around $30 to the overall price of your excursion, this souvenir is a must. The customary tip for the crew who have seen to all your needs while you were onboard is 20%.

Discounts are usually available for groups containing at least six or more people. So gather the gang and plan a parasailing trip to remember!…